Toddler plus pregnancy – Trimester 3

It seems the singular most apt word for what I am going through right now in my life. I have the utmost respect for those that are coping with two under two, or have a toddler and another on the way. While I am still holding onto my distant hopes and dreams of children that will always have each other, I wish I read more into how difficult the process is before it gets easier!
For starters being pregnant is no walk in the park, things ache, body parts are moving and loosening and there are a whole host of things that accompany the exhaustion (and indeed aid the exhaustion -iron or vitamin deficiencies anyone?).
So just add a full on toddler to the mix, with all their quirks. My son has a beautiful personality, but he is also very much an 18month old trying to learn to walk and deal with new emotions as they come in and understand how to communicate his needs and wants without being able to speak. 
To summarise, it’s full on. The tantrums are full on, the screaming is full on, the teething is full on, the newfound fussy eating is full on and most of all the sleepless nights are full on. Because he has started nursery and if it wasn’t so good for his immune system to get ill so frequently I would honestly be at my wits end at the fortnightly colds.
Don’t get me wrong I have tried to combat the craziness of work and toddler and being pregnant. I hired a cleaner. Something I never ever thought I would lower myself to because ‘it’s lazy and I am super woman and I can totally cope’ but actually it’s not lazy and I am not superwoman and I am almost definitely not coping! Everything was being set back at the expense of maintaining a reasonable level of cleanliness. You know what, let it go! It’s easier to pay someone for your sanity. Forego other areas of expenditure so that you can spend that time with your child instead of cleaning the bathroom. Took me long enough to come to that realisation ! 


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