Give an inch, take a mile

Oh child of my heart, you don’t know that your mamma didn’t eat today. She is growing a little sibling for you and that sibling doesn’t agree with the food that was available so she didn’t eat. But that doesn’t matter, as soon as she fell asleep you awoke and would not be soothed. You have a cold and a cough that you cannot shake. You cannot breathe and cannot sleep. 

I empathise but as soon as we hit midnight my patience starts to wane, suddenly I start to feel more sorry for myself than you.

Oh love of my heart, you are such a blessing and so cute with that button nose your daddy gave you. Strong genes run in the family because my contribution to your life is not recognised. You will always look and act like your daddy. Your first word will always be ‘Baba’. You will always pick going to your father first.

That’s okay because my body will testify that I grew you limb by limb inside me. My lips will testify that I prayed for your safety and health everyday. My wardrobe will testify that my hips widened to allow for birth so new clothes were in order. My bags under my eyes will testify I spent many a night awake rocking you in my arms.

Oh beat of my heart, did you know you are intolerant to strawberries. You get a rash all over your face and we didn’t realise why until the summer had nearly passed and you had it everyday at grandma’s. Red food colouring also is not your friend, out goes Tandoori Chicken or Butter Chicken Curry or red sweets.

But I thank the lord it is nothing more sinister than telling your nursery you can’t have their fruit compote. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if you had a dairy or nut allergy. Navigating through life would just be a little harder.

Oh peace of my heart, you are so methodical about the way you play. You don’t mix balls and blocks, only once you have emptied all the blocks out do you move on to the next task your little mind had decided on. You are great at fiddly things, I bought you a latch board. You can now open any latch, lock, or stairgate. On hindsight maybe we should have held back on that toy! Your favourite pastime is switching lights on and off. The first thing you will look for in any room is the light, then the light switch. Cause and effect.

I am grateful for this because I know wherever I am to soothe you we just point out the lights and the corresponding buttons. Lifts, shops, friends houses. I never realised how much light we consume as a nation until I had to constantly point them out. 


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