Baby doesn’t sleep

It is so hard to understand the magnitude of how much a little person can affect your lives without the added factor of feeling like you are the only person in the universe awake with this little bundle of not-so-cuteness.

It is so hard to understand the toll it takes on relationships, on marriages, because undoubtedly the partner that goes to work is the one that is resented for sleeping while the SAHM/SAHF or mother on maternity is the one doing the resenting. But that resentment is a little snowball at the top of a hill and every time your baby wakes every night, it seems to just gather momentum. Until eventually through no fault of anyone’s but those bleary eyes lenses at which you now view the world, you don’t care anymore you just…want…to…sleep!

Naturally you will be surrounded by fantastic Facebook mothers who appear to have it together and who’s cherubs sleep, eat and excrete like how they said in that book you read oh so long ago. Truth is, Facebook mothers aren’t real and babies that sleep are programmed to do so from the day they were born.

You have to be strong and strict and adhere to that routine no matter how or where, but quite often that just isn’t feasible and if you fall into that category, don’t worry a time will come where your child will invariably fall into some sort of a sleep routine. Possibly one you did not imagine pre-pregnancy when everything is an ideal, but lets be honest have you truly heard of a ten year old not sleeping? Or a ten year old with a pacifier? Or a ten year old who cannot string together a sentence? No of course not, so with time and patience your child will pick up on all the essentials in life.

So take it easy, take a step back, and let them do what they will because we know they will do it regardless! Routine goes out the window when they are unwell or teething or going through a growth spurt (which incidentally all three make up a whole lot of that little persons life). So just embrace the now and leave the sleep to nature and note it down as a battle you will save to fight another day.


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