Teething troubles

For the first six months or so you will find your baby drooling a lot and think ‘oh that’s early for teeth to come through’ but actually it is just their gums hardening in preparation for those pearly whites.

You will know when their teeth start to come through because the gnawing will become more aggressive and more noticeably they will have diahorea. 

In the last 24 hours, no matter how tight I tie his nappy, my son has ruined 7 vests with leaking nappies. Be prepared and just keep clean clothes to hand wherever you go. It varies from baby to baby but every time he has gotten teeth the diahorea lasts 1 week

No matter how much you are tempted to give him dry foods, it doesn’t make abit of difference so just continue with normal foods and keep your baby hydrated. Use a good layer of nappy cream to help sore bums because otherwise it will get red and look inflamed. Metanium or sudocrem both do the job.  

Good luck with riding out the storm!! 


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