The Heart Speaks in Whispers

Listen hard enough and it will tell you wonderful and heartbreaking things alike.

Whispers of how fun it is having your own child to hold as long as you wish. Yet, whispers of how much you miss your old life and resent your lack of freedom.

Whispers of how unconditionally you will defend your child from the word ‘go’ yet whispers of how you can’t help but look at other children and compare even if you don’t voice it.

Whispers of how you now appreciate everything your parents did for you because parenthood is so hard emotionally, physically, financially. Yet whispers of how you swore you would parent differently and it turns out you are turning into your mother!

Whispers of how amazed you are that it takes no time at all to get ready in the morning yet whispers that you secretly enjoyed faffing about whilst getting ready pre-child, just because you could.

Whispers that your life now has meaning all the time and there is no emptiness because your life is full to the brim, yet whispers on those nights where the baby slept and woke up happy that your uterus aches for another one and you feel empty again.

Whispers of the paradox that parenthood is.


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