Reality of the first 3 Months

You have had your baby and everyone is congratulating you on that wonderful bundle of joy but you just feel pure exhaustion once the first few days and adrenaline has worn off. All your baby will do is eat, wee/poo, sleep, repeat and you will feel like you have gone through the wringer. Unfortunately the bad news is this goes on for a lot longer than you initially thought and when the world is asleep you will feel a lot closer to being a single parent even though your partner may be in the next room.

The perception of parenthood is a lie.

You know how you think you are the only mother in the world whose child does not sleep, all s/he does is cry, feeding is a pain and your relationships are suddenly non existent? Well that is actually true for most mothers! Those that appear to have it together are furiously peddling under the water or have help to look like they are functioning. But for the average joe…bring on post natal depression. In the era of social media you cannot help but take a peek at what so and so is doing in their lives and no matter how put together these step ford wives look, rest assured it just aint real!

What is real are those bags under our eyes, a far from desirable mental state, and those 5minutes we allow ourselves in the bathroom to check our phones. Granted, the lack of sleep and access to a meal you shovel and swallow probably has something to do with it. Motherhood is enough to try even the most patient of women, it brings out the most ugly qualities within us and ‘eternal frustration’ is right up there.

Frustration at yourself for not coping how you thought you would
Frustration at the home that won’t clean itself
Frustration at the kitchen that won’t create food on a whim
Frustration at the baby that exercises those lungs too frequently
Frustration at the partner that gets to leave the house
Frustration at the tea that always gets cold
Frustration at celebs for shifting their baby weight
and quite frankly frustration at not realising how all consuming parenthood is.


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