This is often one of the hardest things you will feel you are doing for your child, should you go down this route having had a baby boy. No doubt it is known to be hygenic for your boy moving forward in life but here are a few tips to make the process as easy and pain free as possible.


  • Go to somewhere reputable, often cities with a high population of Jews and Muslims will have clinics that do over 1000 a year. In the UK; Luton, Birmingham, Manchester, London are a few good places to visit.
  • Do it as early as possible because the earlier you do it the quicker they recover. Within the first two weeks of birth is ideal.
  • The procedure should take no more than 15mins, and the most common type is the ‘Plastibell method’.
  • After the procedure lather the nappy with Vaseline (don’t scrimp) to avoid any contact with a sore penis and the gauze of the nappy. It will make it more comfortable and he won’t cry every time he pees.
  • Warm salty baths will sting but help heal it quicker.
  • The first 48hours he will be very clingy and cry a lot but after that the worst is over.
  • There will be some discharge or blood, unless the area looks infected, don’t worry and just continue with the vaseline and salty baths.
  • The area below the head will swell a little and look like a puffy white ring, this is normal.
  • Calpol will help them with the pain for the first 24-48hrs.

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