Etiquette for visiting a new baby

  • Arrange a time to visit, or at least call beforehand. You landing unannounced could be stepping on the feet of parents who may have just got their first 5minutes to themselves for the last 48hours and I assure you they want to spend it having a shower not entertaining.
  • As useful as clothes are, buy bigger sizes not the size you currently think the baby is. More often than not, it won’t fit!
  • Come bearing food! The best thing you can do for someone who has a baby is bring food. Don’t scrimp either, make sure there is plenty of leftovers so she doesn’t have to worry about cooking the next day or she can freeze some.
  • If you want tea, make it. I assure you she no longer cares about standing on ceremony. She is too tired for that!
  • Don’t just offer to help if you don’t mean it because your offer could be a lifeline. Make good on your promise and it will help more than words know.
  • Someone I know got a gift of a cleaner for 6weeks to come to her house, she still says it is the best gift anyone has ever given her. It gave her a new lease of life because truthfully you have a choice between brushing your teeth and picking up the laundry with a newborn.
  • She knows she looks bad don’t rub it in.
  • Don’t ask how many antenatal classes she goes to, it might just require the Ministry of Defence to plan getting her out of the house to get milk with that baby in tow, let alone anything recreational!

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