Caring for your sick baby

Firstly I cannot stress the importance of being prepared! I was lucky that I could get medication ready before my baby came home but see ‘What to buy’ for a list of medication you will need in your baby’s first year for all the bugs s/he will undoubtably pick up.The following are a few tips and tricks I have learnt to deal with having a sick baby.



Babies often react to immunisations but the best way to nip it in the bud is to give 2.5ml of Paracetamol straight after their injection. Nurses do not recommend it but actually it seems to keep the temperature at bay. If your baby does react see ‘Temperature’ below for ways in which you can help them get over it.


The Flu

The flu is a big one and will catch you out every single time. Don’t worry because it is the most common, recurring illness and you will find by the time your baby has gotten over it, you will have caught it and your baby will catch it all over again. There is nothing to do about this just be patient and make sure you take care of yourself. You are no help to anyone (least of all your baby) if you are run down and not eating/sleeping.

  • Rub peasized amount of Snufflebaby on the soles of your babies feet.
  • Rub Snufflebaby on their vest.
  • Sprinkle Olbas Oil on their sheets when they sleep (if they can breathe they will sleep better.
  • Get a humidifier or put some Olbas oil on a burner. It acts like steaming but lasts longer.
  • 6 Months + put a strand of saffron crushed up into their milk/water.
  • Keep them hydrated. One way to tell if they are dehydrated it touch their scalp, you will feel a dip. The dip in their fontanelle means they are dehydrated. But also keep an eye on their nappies, decreased wet nappies means dehydrated.
  • If you are worried…go to the GP! Better to be safe than sorry.



Whenever my little one would get a temperature it would take days to go, but the important thing is to keep at it until it drops.Anything above 37.5 is a temperature.

I bought this fantastic thermometer which told me by flashing red, amber, or green how dangerous it was for my baby. After my Isofix Base and my Rocking chair, this was the best thing I bought for my sanity and my baby.

  • Keep up with Paracetamol (Calpol) every 6hours until you are certain it has dropped.
  • Warm a tablespoon of milk, and rub onto their scalp and palms of their hands twice a day. Make sure you do not leave the house for 1hr after doing this.
  • Give Ibuprofen 8hourly. But ask your GP before doing so.



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