What to buy (e.g. Hospital Bag)


The following items are the only items I used in hospital, bearing in mind that I went into labour at 7months and the following are the only necessary items needed for a weekend stay and birth!

Outfit (vest, outfit) x 3
Muslin cloths

Nappies (operate under the assumption of 8 per day)
Wipes (as an emergency but you just use water and cotton wool initially)
Nappy bags
Cotton wool
Bowl (for water to change nappy)
Disposable changing mat (Pampers do a pack of disposable for £4)

Feeding pads (Johnsons)
Nipple cream (Lanisoh)
Maternity Pads (Plenty from mother care! See ‘Labour‘ )
Tops/Shirts with buttons (Primark do checked and floral ones in the pj section)
Comfortable Bottoms
Underwear (Nursing Bra’s & disposable underwear)
Toiletries inc Hair Bobble
SNACKS!!!!!! (Especially for the birthing partner because actually, no-one really cares about them in the hospital)

Phone Charger
Hospital notes



Again, these are the items I bought in one go from Kiddiecare in an emergency and have not needed to buy anything else since, along with reasons why I have not regretted any purchases! There are a few expensive purchases but I am extremely thrifty so when I say they are worth it, honestly they have helped make having a baby as easy as money can buy.

  • Moses Basket – everyone I know has only been able to use this until Max 4months, but it is great to have somewhere to put them whilst downstairs and transport them if you are staying elsewhere with a little one.
  • Crib – Chicco Next To Me is an indulgent purchase but without a doubt so worth it! It will aide in the transition to a cot of his/her own but more importantly you can access the baby with ease to soothe/feed them. Plus you still have space in your own bed during what little time you have to sleep. It also folds away compact once you are done with it.
  • Cot Bed + Sheets – Any cotbed is fine, they are handy for transitioning to the next stage in your baby’s life because the sides simply come down and turn into a toddlers bed. Remember to get a bedding set with bumpers.
  • Nursing Chair – This makes feeding and putting babies to sleep comfortable and easy. You wouldn’t beleive the impact pregnancy and carrying a baby has on your back and anything for bit of comfort. Worth Every Penny!
  • Pushchair – Buying one of these is like buying a car, you have to get one that suits your needs. If you are looking at having a second child in close succession then I recommend buying one that can be turned into a double. The iCandy, Bugaboo and Oyster all have that function with the Oyster being half the price and equally good as the first two.
    Alternatively, buying a pushchair whereby you can attach your carseat on top allows you flexibility until the age of 1, and then you can simply get a stroller. This option works out cheaper but it isn’t practical if you end up having a second child soon.
    I personally got the Oyster Max 2, it is light, compact and has the double option. Easily manoeuvrable and not as extortionate as the iCandy but just as good.
  • Carseat – Bear in mind that ‘Maxi-Cosi’ is the preferred carseat for most parents because they can be attached to almost all pushchairs and have been tried and tested for safety. They are more costly than other carseats but you cannot put a price on safety.



On average, babies get sick 12 times in their first year of being born so it is best to be prepared for the inevitable!

Snufflebabe (aka Baby vicks)

Calpol (Also handy to buy sachets for emergencies, keep it in your handbag)

Iboprufen (for babies)

Thermometer (Highly recommend buying an ear one, worth every penny for the usage you will get out of it)

Gripe Water


Olbas oil for children


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